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Civil defence planning at home

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Civil defence planning at home

Have an emergency household plan

Download household emergency plan and checklist [PDF, 112 KB]

  • Enough food in your home to last 3 days.
  • To know where to get water, if your normal supply is unavailable. Store some water if a warning is issued, fill containers immediately after a large earthquake.
  • Alternative lighting. A torch with spare batteries, gas lantern or light sticks. Tip - store some batteries sealed in a bag in the fridge. Don't use candles - they're not safe.
  • A battery operated radio and spare batteries. Don't forget your car radio as a last resort.
  • A first aid kit and manual. Make sure you have your essential medication.
  • Alternative heating, blankets, survival blankets or warm waterproof clothing.
  • Alternative cooking methods, barbecue or gas cooker.
  • Important family documents stored where you can get them easily during an emergency.
  • A first aid kit and fire extinguisher in your car.