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Camping review

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Camping review

Feedback closed 10 February, we received 300 completed surveys on our review of Summer and Freedom Camping in our district.

Since the 2011 Freedom Camping Act was introduced we offer and manage 2 types of camping options in our district, they are: 

Freedom Camping is free, in public areas designated in our Freedom Camping Bylaw
Summer Camping is by permit fee, during daylight savings months at 9 locations across our region. The fee covers waste services. 

This is a review of how we offer camping in future in our district, We plan to implement any changes by September 2020.

Why we're reviewing

Having 2 camping systems can be confusing for people to understand where, when and how you can camp in our district.  There's also challenges with monitoring the different areas.

We want to offer a camping system that allows people to enjoy our beaches and public areas, but also protects our environment.
Any changes we make also needs to consider how we manage impacts to environments and how we cover any increased costs for any staff, infrastructure or services.

Timeline for the review

Community feedback - January - 10 February 
Formal consultation on draft bylaw - 16 September - 21 October
Approve and implement - 17 December 2020 

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