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Campaign to register and de-sex menacing dogs

9 Jul 2018

Campaign to register and de-sex menacing dogs

Dogs Menacing

We are continuing to offer free de-sexing of dogs and $1 first-time registrations for dogs classified as menacing.

Under the Dog Control Act, dogs are classified as menacing due to their breed or behaviour. Government is introducing new legislation making it compulsory for menacing dogs to be de-sexed and by law, Council will be required to seize and impound non-compliant menacing dogs. Owners could be fined up to $3000.

“Don’t wait for the law change – we have limited grant funding available and can provide this free de-sexing programme while the funds last,” says team leader for animal control, Ross Hannam.

Council is also running a promotion offering $1 registrations for menacing dogs that are not already registered. However we will cover the cost of de-sexing, whether this is the first time registered or not.

“We are also working with the Enterprise Group on de-sexing for all dogs. Anyone interested in taking advantage of this should contact council for more information.”

The $1 registration campaign has proved successful, with 76 new menacing dogs registered as a result.

Under the Dog Control Act, a dog may be deemed menacing if Council have determined the dog is a threat to any person, animal or protected wildlife or if it belongs to one of these restricted breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier; Dogo Agentino; Brazilian Fila; Perro de Presc Canairo and Japanese Tosa.

If your dog has already been de-sexed please provide us with a letter from your vet so we can update our records.

Annual dog registrations are due for payment by 31 July – a 25% late penalty fee will apply to all fees paid after this date.

All dogs must be registered from 3 months of age and dogs registered for the first time must be microchipped within 2 months of registration.

Dog registration fees pay towards the cost of providing dog control services district wide, including investigation of complaints, provision of the dog pound and prosecutions of people responsible for dogs that attack.

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