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Campaign to reduce drink-driving

8 Aug 2018

Campaign to reduce drink-driving

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Reducing drink-driving is the aim of Tairāwhiti Road’s latest road safety campaign, launching this week.

Our district has some of the highest drink-drive statistics across New Zealand and the campaign is a reminder of the consequences of alcohol-related crashes.

Tairāwhiti Roads safety educator Dianne Akurangi says the target audience are Maori males aged from 24 to 34 years.

“This campaign aims to get these guys to realise that crashes do happen if they’ve been drinking.  And an injury will side-line them from what they love doing with their mates and family. It deliberately doesn’t focus on the big, unbelievable consequences of death and serious injury. But more the smaller injuries that will take them out of action” she said.

“To reset the way we think about drink-driving, we want people to acknowledge the reality that an injury would affect their quality of life quite a bit.  They may not have an accident themselves while driving after a drinking session, but they will certainly know someone who has.  We want them to consider the fact that this could be them.”

The bilingual billboards will be installed around the city, East Coast and western rural roads as well as state highways.

“Ultimately we want people to stop getting behind the wheel drunk, where they can harm themselves and others.”

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