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Busking or street entertainment

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Busking or street entertainment

We encourage buskers to occupy the black circles on the footpath in the CBD or use private land. Buskers in CBD

If you're busking outside a premise, you need to get permission from the premise owner or staff to busk.

You also need to comply with the following:

  • no amplified music.
  • keep noise to a reasonable level at all times.  Complaints often occur due to the volume, type of music, or when the appeal to the public is lost.
  • no offensive actions or language
  • don't obstruct pedestrians
  • avoid busking in the same place for too long
  • do not solicit or canvas for donations.

If you're selling food, you need a stall licence.  See information on a stall licence 

Complaints about buskers

If we receive a justified complaint, we will ask the busker to stop or move on. 

Contact customer service if you have a complaint.

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