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Building forms & pamphlets

Building forms and guides to assist you with your building project.  You can download the form or apply online for some types of consents.

Changes to the Building Act

There are changes to the Building Act that may apply to you if you're building or planning to build. 
This applies to most residential building work or renovation work - see changes to the Building Act

Residential building forms and apply online 

Online Apply online for a Building Consent
Form Building Consent [PDF, 428 KB] - apply for a building consent and/or PIM
Form Form 2A Certificate of Design Work [PDF, 174 KB] - memorandum from licensed building practitioner,
Form Licensed Building Practitioner [PDF, 141 KB] - notification to be completed before work starts, or supplied at application 
Online Apply online for a Minor Building Consent 
Form Minor Building Work [PDF, 269 KB] - for minor residential building work under $19,000 in value - see criteria
Form Building Consent Amendment [PDF, 353 KB] - an issued or unissued consent
Online Apply online for a Building Consent Amendment
Online Apply online for a Solid Fuel Heater
Form Solid Fuel Heater [PDF, 270 KB]  [PDF, 270 KB]- install a woodburner, includes outdoor fireplaces
Online Apply online for a Swimming Pool / Fence
Form Swimming Pool / Safety Barrier [PDF, 284 KB] - residential swimming pool and spa pool safety barrier         
Form Sign Consent [PDF, 202 KB]  - building consent to erect a sign
Form Temporary Marquee or Stage [PDF, 274 KB] - temporary structures 
Form Neighbour's Consent [PDF, 172 KB] - if they are likely to be affected by your building work
Form Code Compliance Certificate [PDF, 245 KB]- on completion of the building work. Form 6
Form Form 6A Record of Building Work [PDF, 159 KB] - memo from LBP, include Form 6 Code Compliance Certificate
Form Certificate of Acceptance [PDF, 292 KB]  - for building work undertaken without first obtaining consent
Form Form 2B [PDF, 175 KB] - statutory declaration as to owner-builder status
Form Form 2C [PDF, 121 KB] - notice of owner-builder
Form Exemption from Building Consent [PDF, 157 KB] - states on file that work did not require a building consent (for LIMs)
Form Search Council Records - for information on contaminated sites

Residential building pamphlets,checklist and maps 

Checklist Steel Framed Buildings [PDF, 160 KB] - supplementary requirements
Pamphlet Thinking about building or renovating? what you should know before you start
Pamphlet Applying for and Processing Building Consents [PDF, 3.9 MB] - the consent process steps 1-2
Pamphlet Inspecting and Certifying Consented Building Work [PDF, 6.3 MB] - the consent process steps 3-4
Pamphlet Fast Track Building Consent - type of work processed in 5 working days
Pamphlet Relocating a building [PDF, 494 KB]
Pamphlet Swimming and Spa Pool Fencing 
Pamphlet Tents and Marquees [PDF, 3 MB]
Pamphlet Weathertightness Risk Matrix Guide [PDF, 1.9 MB]
Pamphlet Bearing Capacity and Geotechnical Investigation Requirements [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Pamphlets Residential Wastewater Systems and Septic systems
Pamphlet Building on Flood Prone Sites [PDF, 2.3 MB]
Map Wind Zones Map

Commercial building forms and pamphlets

Online Apply online for a Building Consent
Form Building Consent [PDF, 428 KB] [PDF, 369 KB] - and/or PIM
Form Compliance Schedule Form 11 [PDF, 196 KB] - application for or amendment to compliance schedule
Form Schedule of Specified Systems T-27.s1 [PDF, 380 KB] - specified system in Schedule 1 Building Regs 2005
Form Sign Consent [PDF, 202 KB] - for building consent to erect a sign
Form Certificate for Public Use [PDF, 283 KB] - Form 15  
Pamphlet Applying for and Processing Building Consent - the consent process, steps 1-2
Pamphlet Inspecting and Certifying Consented Building Work - the consent process, steps 3-4
Pamphlet Compliance Schedule and Building Warrant of Fitness [PDF, 789 KB]
Pamphlet Fire Design [PDF, 2.3 MB] - what building consent will require a fire design report

Memorandum of completion and compliance forms

Commercial and Residential Construction [PDF, 163 KB]
Commercial and Residential Floor height verification [PDF, 165 KB]
Commercial and Residential Construction - on site wastewater disposal installation [PDF, 182 KB]
Commercial and Residential  Installation of Shadowclad [PDF, 260 KB]

Independent Qualified Persons (IQP)

A person or firm registered by council as qualified to inspect certain compliance schedule items. 
The following link goes to the Hastings District Council's website

List of Registered Independent Qualified Persons(external link)

Other building related forms

Form To apply for a new street or rural rapid number - see RAPID numbers information
Form Water Connection - to apply for a new or additional water connection