Biodiversity on private land

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Biodiversity on private land

Gisborne Region has been subject to a short but intense history of indigenous forest clearance for conversion of land to horticulture and farming.  This has resulted in natural habitats for native plants and animals being greatly reduced or damaged.  Only 23% of our original native vegetation remains. Remnants tend to be isolated, small, restricted to steep hillsides and largely consist of secondary regrowth forest dominated by kanuka. 

The importance of protecting and restoring our remaining biodiversity is  increasingly recognised by local, regional and national government.  Protection and restoration of much of the region’s biodiversity is dependent on landowner and community efforts and initiatives – particularly on private land. 

This pamphlet provides an outline of what you can do to help enhance biodiversity values on your property, where we can help you and information on the range of legal and funding options available to assist.

Biodiversity Funding Booklet [PDF, 3.5 MB]            

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