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Art in public places plan

Feedback on the draft Art in Public Places plan closed 5 October and received 19 submissions and 39 posts on Facebook. The Community Development & Services committee recommend Council adopts the plan at their meeting in December.

The community facilities strategy guides our plans for investment in facilities over the next 30 years. We want to ensure our facilities meet community needs and are cost-effective.

In the draft plan we propose to:

• Grow diversity in our public art – we have a lot of murals from a narrow range of artists.  
• Change how we make decisions about public art so it’s more transparent and equitable.
• Set responsibilities for developing, deciding on and looking after art pieces. 
• Employ a part-time coordinator to progress an Art in Public Places programme.

Read the draft Art in Public Places Plan [PDF, 537 KB] 
Community Facilities Strategy(external link)

How we will pay for the actions in our plans

We’ve budgeted $33k a year in our 2018- 2028 Long Term Plan for business planning and $25k per year for resourcing implementation of the nine priority projects in the strategy.

We review our ten year plan in 2021. This process as the key way that we will get funding for the remaining actions to deliver the Plans.  So it won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

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