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Another diesel discharge in Waikanae Stream

18 Mar 2016

Another diesel discharge in Waikanae Stream

A diesel spill was discovered in the Waikanae stream last night.

Spill booms were set up at the mouth of the stream at 6pm, after a member of the public contacted Council at 5pm.

The diesel is spilling out from a stormwater culvert that drains from properties and businesses in the area. It’s the same culvert identified as the source of spills in January.

Water quality samples were taken upstream and downstream of the source. There is no risk to public health but we do remind people not to collect seafood from the stream.

“We’re aware there are sporting and community events in the area at the moment, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure the spill is contained and managed.”

Staff are inspecting along the stormwater drain which runs up Cobden Street to Gladstone Road and ultimately Palmerston Road to locate the source.

“We’ve been able to eliminate some sites but still haven’t been able to find the source yet.”

“As this is the third diesel incident from the same location in three months we suspect it’s coming from the same property in the area and will continue to investigate.

“The volume of diesel in each case means someone will be aware that diesel is flowing into the stormwater system.”

“This is a serious offence and we will pursue infringement action.”

Booms will remain in place and staff will continue to monitor the steam over the weekend.

Anyone with information about the source of the spills is asked to contact us on 0800 653 800.