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Annual resident satisfaction survey

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Annual resident satisfaction survey

Each year we carry out an independent resident satisfaction survey to find out how well the community thinks we're doing.  The telephone survey interviews about 400 residents throughout our district, 4 times throughout the year.

We want to know what residents think about what we provide and how easy it is to do business with us.

The results of the survey are included in our annual report. We use the results to measure our performance and identify priorities for improvement. This may mean providing a better level of service, changing the way we do something or more communication.

2015 survey

Results of the 2015 annual residents' survey [PDF, 3.4 MB] 

Key findings included:

Services and facilities that received the highest were The Tairawhiti Museum, walkways and The Lawson Field Theatre.

Council’s sewerage system had the most significant increase in satisfaction, up 9 percentage points when compared to the previous year.

Residents were least satisfied with: efforts to expand business in the district, public toilets, planning and resource consent services, Council roads, excluding State Highways and control of dogs.

Over half the residents were satisfied with the overall performance of the Mayor and councillors, however there is evidence of a possible decrease in satisfaction.

Staff are rated well for their friendliness and ease of contact, however, residents are less satisfied with how well staff follow-up.

Newspaper gained 2 percentage points from their previous year’s low as the most favoured source for obtaining information about Council. Social media, introduced last year as an area for receiving information, experienced the largest gain surpassing both brochures and ‘from other people or hearsay’ as favoured source.

Previous survey results

2014 Annual Residents Survey [PDF, 2.8 MB]


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