Annual Plan

Annual Plan 2016/17

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Annual Plan 2016/17

Gisborne District Council's 2016/17 Annual Plan highlights what you can expect to see over the next financial year. Annual Plan cover

It identifies minor changes or additions to the projects, activities and financial information included in the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan for year 2.

We’re on track for delivering our plans for 2016/17 within agreed budgets. 
Total rates will be $53.3m and our debt levels will be kept below the limits of $55m external debt and $80m total debt, as set in our financial strategy. 

Annual Plan 2016/17

2016/17 Annual Plan [PDF, 4.5 MB]
Full document

Read it as a flip-book - 2016/17 Annual Plan(external link)

Section 1 - Our Plan [PDF, 1.3 MB]
Improving community facilities, caring for our environment, keeping us safe and connected.

Section 2 - Our Finances [PDF, 1 MB]
Financial position, funding impact statement, rates information, changes to our performance measures

Section 3 - Appendices [PDF, 1.3 MB]
Governance and structure 

Consultation of draft document

Annual Plan 2016/17 edition of Tairāwhiti First [PDF, 4.2 MB] 

The process for the 2016/17 Annual Plan was different as changes to the Local Government Act meant we could relax the rules around how we consulted with the community.  We didn't have any formal submission or hearings.

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