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Annual Plan 2014/15

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Annual Plan 2014/15

This 2014/15 Annual Plan tells you what activities and projects we have planned over the next financial year 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015, and how we will pay for them.

This year Council will collect $51.3m in rates. 1.9% more than we collected last year.Annual Plan cover.

It also identifies any minor changes or additions to the financial information included in the 2012-2022 Ten Year Plan for the 2014/15 financial year.

2014/15 Annual Plan

2014/15 Annual Plan (4.2mb)
Read it as an eBook - 2014/15 Annual Plan(external link)

Chapter 1 - About this Plan (2.2mb)
The big picture, our district, our strategic direction, vision mission and values, strategic challenges, financial overview, major projects

Chapter 2 - Our Activities (1.3mb)
What we do and why, our progress, forecast activity, capital expenditure

Commercial Property Commercial Operations (483kb)  
Community Planning and Services Olympic Pools (495kb) Arts and Culture (496kb)
  Community Housing (477kb) Community Planning and Development (513kb)
  HB Williams Memorial Library (490kb) Parks and Open Spaces (496kb)
Environment and Policy Animal Control (479kb) Building Services (488kb)
  Emergency Management (496kb) Environmental Health (491kb)
  Environmental Policy (495kb) Environmental Services (505kb)
  Resource Consents (486kb)  
Governance and Support Services Governance (496kb) Support Services (487kb)
Infrastructure Services Flood Control (488kb) Land Transport and Parking (500kb)
  Solid Waste Management (491kb) Urban Stormwater Services (496kb)
  Wastewater (494kb) Water Supply (492kb)

Chapter 3 - Our Finances (1.1mb)
Significant Assumptions, Funding impact statement, rating information

Chapter 4 - Remission of Rates (621kb)

Chapter 5 - Appendices (749kb)
Our Council - Governance and Structure, Councillors and Agents

What changed in the draft plan

A total of 183 submissions were received on 316 topics to the draft plan.  The changes we made to the draft plan were:

  • A one-off grant of $45k was approved for Tourism Eastland, for the cruise ship and mobile phone application projects for 2014/15. The base funding levels for Tourism Eastland will also be inflation-adjusted by 2% for the next three years (including 2014/15).
  • Funding to Surf Life Saving New Zealand will be increased by $3k to cover their current deficit.
  • The $100k that was allocated to the Cook's Anniversary celebrations for 2018 in the Long Term Plan will be brought forward to enable the Te Ha Trust to commence planning for the 2019 celebrations now.
  • The 20k budgeted last year for a memorial wall for the buried headstones at Makaraka will be carried over and the memorial wall will be built this financial year.

The extra funding granted will be sourced from current budgets and will not change the proposed rates increase of 1.9%.

Council also resolved to:

  • Change the budgets and rates for 2014/15 for pest and plants, soil conservation and wastewater as a result of feedback from councillors and the draft 2014/15 Annual Plan consultation process. These changes will help to smooth rates increases across the district.
  • Change the budgets for 2014/15 to reflect more accurate estimates in relation to costs and timings of major projects and economic development.
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