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Alcohol licence forms and fees

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Alcohol licence forms and fees

If you own, operate or manage a business or venue, where alcohol will be sold or supplied, you need to be familiar with the laws and regulations that apply to alcohol.  You must ensure that you have the correct licence and a host responsibility programme in place to care for your patrons.

Read the Local Alcohol Policy

Which licence do you require?

If you want to sell or supply alcohol, you must apply for the appropriate alcohol licence. Each licence has its own application form, non-refundable fees and requirements for specific additional documentation. 

Note: Applications for special licence and new alcohol licences required for Christmas and New Year, must be lodged by mid November

Special Licence  |  Manager's Certificate  |  On-Licence  |  Off-Licence  |  Club Licence  |  Temporary Authority  |  Forms and Fees

Special Licence 

A Special Licence is required if you host an event or celebration where alcohol is being sold.  And if you sell tickets to a function where alcohol is supplied.

A Special Licence allows the holder, to sell and supply alcohol, on the premises or conveyance named on the licence, to any person attending as approved by the licence for the duration of the occasion or event.  Occasions with alcohol such as: 
• sporting event  • quiz nights • wine tasting • bus trip where alcohol is consumed • party where alcohol is being sold • public party where alcohol is being sold or supplied • party on leased premises where alcohol is being sold or supplied • event where tickets are sold and alcohol is supplied.

Read the Local Alcohol Policy

How to apply for a Special Licence

You need to submit your application at least 20 days before the event. 

Note: If your event is around Christmas/New Year (20 December - 5 February),  you need to lodge your application by 20 November.

Fill in the Special Licence application form. You need to fill in the 'Supplement Form' if your event is a series of events on one application. Note that if you're applying for a series of events on the one application, the events need to be related. The 'Public Notice' form should be filled in for Class 1 events.

The fee depends on the size of your event, there are 3 classes of Special Licences. 
Class 1 - one large event, or more than 3 medium events, or more than 12 small events  
Class 2 - 3-12 small events or more than 1-3 medium events 
Class 3 - 1 or 2 small events

Definition of event sizes

An event that Council believes on reasonable ground will have patronage of : 
Small size event - of less than 100 attendees 
Medium size event - will have between 100 and 400 attendees 
Large size event - will have more than 400 attendees 

Apply on the Special Licence form


Allows you to sell or supply alcohol for consumption on a building premises or conveyance: • bar • pub • tavern • hotel • night club • restaurant or café • conveyances such as bus, boat or ship, aircraft, train, vehicle • endorsed premises - BYO

Apply on the On-Licence form


Allows you to sell on the premises and supply or deliver alcohol for consumption off the premises.  An Off-Licence may be issued for a: •stand alone bottle shop or store • supermarket or grocery store • brewery • winery

Apply on the Off-Licence form

Club Licence 

Allows clubs to sell, supply and serve alcohol for consumption, on club premises to club members, their guests and members of clubs with reciprocal visiting rights. Club - sport, social or corporate.

Apply on the Club Licence form

Manager's Certificate  

This authorises you to manage any licenced premises that has an off-licence or on-licence such as a bar, hotel, tavern, club, supermarket etc.  A certified manager must be on duty at all times when liquor is being sold or supplied to the public except in the case of some Special Licences, some clubs and some endorsed licences.

Clubs must appoint at least one manager who holds a manager's certificate.

If the certified manager is ill, absent, dismissed or resigned, a licensee can appoint a temporary or acting manager that is adequately trained. You must also notify Council and the Police.

How to apply for a Manager’s Certificate

Apply on the Manager’s Certificate form and provide all the supporting information. Once lodged, your application is sent to the Police who must enquire into the application and they may file an objection to the application.

Council’s licensing inspectors must enquire into the application then prepare a report for the District Licensing Committee. The District Licensing Committee decide if your application will be issued and under what conditions. If there is objection to your application, the committee’s decision will be made following a hearing. Unopposed applications are usually considered ‘on the papers’ and without a hearing.

Managers must obtain a Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ) issued on or after 18 December 2013.

If you're applying or reapplying for your Manager's Certificate you will need to complete an online LCQ Bridging Test.   For more information and to do the test, visit Service IQ website.

Licenses required for Christmas/New Year must be lodged before 16 November

Apply on the Manager's Certificate form

Temporary Authority 

If you have purchased a licensed business, you must apply for temporary authority to operate until your own licence has been approved.  You need to apply for temporary authority at least 15 working days before you take-over the business.

Licenses required by Christmas/New Year must be lodged by 7 December.

Apply of the Temporary Authority form

Notice of management change 

To tell us of any changes to staff including new manager appointments, temporary and acting manager appointments and departing managers.  You need to fill in the form within 2 working days of the appointment or termination.

Tell us on the Notice of Management Change form

Alcohol Premises Compliance Certificate

You fill in this form before a licence application is made, especially if the premise has never held an alcohol licence, or your are applying for a variation to an existing licence after building renovations.  This certificate informs the licence applicant of any Council requirements or consents that are relevant to obtaining a licence.

Apply on the Alcohol Premises Compliance Certificate below.

Application forms and fees

The fees are set by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations.  Council has no control over the fees (except Alcohol Premise Compliance Certificate).
Note: Applications for new alcohol licences required for Christmas and New Year must be lodged before 9 November. 

Save the form to your computer first before you fill it in and email it to us

Licence Cost Application Forms
On-Licence New and Renewal (all types) Cost/Risk Fee on form On-Licence and Renewal  [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Declaration of Evacuation Scheme [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Off-Licence New and Renewal Cost/Risk Fee on form Off-Licence and Renewal [PDF, 1.8 MB] 
Declaration of Evacuation Scheme [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Club Licence Cost/Risk Fee on form Club Licence and Renewal  [PDF, 378 KB]
Declaration of Evacuation Scheme [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Licence variation or cancellation of conditions  Cost/Risk Fee on form Variation or Cancellation of Conditions [PDF, 187 KB]
Special Licence - Class 1 $575.00 Special Licence [PDF, 398 KB]
Special Licence - Class 2 $207.00 Special Licence  [PDF, 398 KB]
Special Licence - Class 3 $63.25 Special Licence [PDF, 398 KB]
Supplement form 6A for Special Licence   Special Licence - supplement form 6A [PDF, 155 KB]
Temporary Authority $296.70 Temporary Authority [PDF, 274 KB] Writable
Temporary Authority [PDF, 160 KB] Print
Manager's Certificate $316.25 Manager's Certificate [PDF, 230 KB] Writable
Manager's Certificate [PDF, 211 KB] Print 
Renewal Manager's Certificate $316.25 Renewal of Manager's Certificate [PDF, 258 KB] Writable
Renewal of Manager's Certificate [PDF, 175 KB] Print
Alcohol Premise Compliance Certificate $165.00 Alcohol Premise Compliance Certificate [PDF, 352 KB]
Notice of Change of Management  no fee Notice of Management Change [PDF, 233 KB]

Alcohol Licensing Fees and Charges [PDF, 288 KB]

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