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Alcohol changes

Gisborne District Local Alcohol Policy applies from 5 March, from this day the maximum trading hours in the policy apply.

Read the Local Alcohol Policy 

Trading hours that apply district wide

  Maximum Operating Hours Trading Hours
Off Licence Types    
Supermarkets, wineries, taverns, bottle stores, grocery stores, clubs  7am - 9pm  Monday - Sunday
On Licence Types    
Restaurants, cafes, wineries, taverns, (including night clubs), BYO, entertainment centres  10am - 2am  Monday - Sunday
  One-way door from 1am for taverns including night clubs    
 Club Licence Types    
 All clubs including sports, and others including RSA  10am - 11pm  Sunday-Thursday
   10am-12am (midnight)  Friday-Saturday
  Clubs holding commemorative Anzac celebratory services are permitted to open at 6am on Anzac Day.   

Alcohol Licence certificates will not be replaced immediately. These will be changed at the next renewal of the licence.

Trading on Easter and Anzac Day

Can you sell alcohol at Easter or on Anzac Day?

Here’s what the law says. The holder of an on-licence must ensure that no alcohol is sold or supplied on the premises on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, or before 1 pm on Anzac Day, unless:
It's sold or supplied while the holder also holds a special licence for the premises.
The buyer is a person residing or lodging on the premises.
The buyer is a person who is present on the premises to dine.

A person resides or lodges on licensed premises if they resides or lodges in the building in which the premises are situated as the guest, lodger, tenant, or employee of the licensee. A person is not present on licensed premises to dine if they are there at a time: More than an hour before they start (or are due to start) eating a meal, or 
More than an hour after they finish eating a meal.

The holder of an off-licence must ensure that no alcohol is sold on or delivered from the premises on Good Friday, or before 1 pm on Anzac Day, and no alcohol is sold on or delivered from the premises at any time on Easter Sunday unless it's grape wine or fruit or vegetable wine made:
♦ On the premises, or
♦ from produce harvested from land on which the premises are situated.

Licensed clubs don’t have the same restrictions as on-licensed premises but can only sell or allow supply of alcohol on the club premises to members, authorised customers. The club must apply for a special licence if hosting Anzac Day commemorations for the general public.