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Air quality

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Air quality

Gisborne District Council is required to monitor air quality under the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Air Quality) Regulations 2004, and we must notify any breaches of those standards. 

Our monitoring equipment that measures particulate matter (PM10) levels has been located at Gisborne Boys' High School since 2004. 

Current levels can be seen on LAWA's website(external link)

The National Environmental Standard for PM10 concentration for a 24 hour average is 50 µg/m3.  We will notify breaches here:

Air quality exceedance

Monitoring equipment located at Gisborne Boys' High School

Date Concentration
12 September 53.8
17 August 53.6
13 August 59.1
6 August 64.4
5 August 58.4
4 August 65.2
3 August 73.6
30 July  83
29 July 53.2
27 July 58.3
25 July 65.7
10 July  53 
5 July 55 
10 June  71.1 
30 May 50.3
29 May 50.5
22 May 2020 53

A combination of cold weather, low wind conditions, domestic woodburners and emissions from transport sources contribute to any breaches.

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Disclaimer: The information on this page could be subject to change due to quality assurance processing.