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Air quality plan

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Air quality plan

The Regional Air Quality Management Plan was replaced by the Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan on 30 June 2017. The historic plan is provided for information below.

Air quality plan chapters

Table of contents (89kb)

Chapter 1 - Introduction(175kb) - introduces the purpose of the plan, geographic scope and the plan preparation and implementation process. It also establishes the policy and legal framework under which the Plan has been prepared.

Chapter 2 - Air Quality Management Issues in the Gisborne District (229kb) - outlines the air quality management issues facing the Gisborne region.

Chaper 3 - Objectives for Air Quality Management (73kb) - the objectives of implementation (excluding rules).

Chapter 4 - Policies for Air Quality Management (146kb) - the policies of implementation (excluding rules).

Chapter 5 - Methods of Implementation (119kb) - the objectives of implementation (excluding rules). 

Chapter 6 - Air Quality Management Rules [PDF, 492 KB]  - details the rules that apply to activities discharging contaminants to air in the Gisborne region.

Chapter 7 - Anticipated Environmental Results (47kb) - provides a summary of the environmental results anticipated from implementing the objectives, policies and methods of implementation in the Gisborne region.

Chapter 8 - Matters Relating to Resource Consents (169kb) - including assessment of environmental effects and information requirements.

Chapter 9 - Cross Boundary Issues (53kb) - outlines procedures for dealing with cross boundary issues

Chapter 10 - Monitoring and Review (77kb) - sets out the monitoring programme and matters when the Plan may be reviewed.

Chapter 11 - References (63kb) - sets out circumstances in which financial contributions may be required, the method for calculating the maximum amount of that contribution and the general purposes for which the contribution may be used.

Air quality plan appendices

Appendix 1 - ambient air quality guidelines  |  Appendix 2 - calculation of chimney heights  |  Appendix 3 - training requirements for qualifications to apply agrichemicals

Appendices (143kb)
includes acronyms and definitions

For further information contact the policy planning team

The plan was publicly notified in October 1996.  It became part operative on 31 March 2007 (excluding Chapter 6 Rule 14.2 User Training).  It was approved by Council on 20 December 2007 and became operative on 14 January 2008 (Chapter 6 - Rule 14.2)