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Adventure Playground Reserve Plan

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Adventure Playground Reserve Plan

The Adventure Playground was officially opened in 1976.  The reserve management plan was adopted in June 1999. 

The Adventure Playground is adjacent to Waikanae Beach, 2km from the Central Business District.  The Adventure Playground is a unique reserve in Gisborne. Its intended use as a recreation reserve is to provide an extensive play area for the children of  Gisborne. Other prominent reserves in the near vicinity used in a link form with the Adventure Playground provide a range of recreational opportunities to meet the leisure needs of the whole family.  The prominent reserves in the area include; the Olympic Pool, Waikanae and Midway foreshores, The Oval, Churchill Park and the river walkway. The Adventure Playground is less than 200 metres from the Olympic Pool.

Adventure Playground Management Plan [PDF, 2 MB]