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About the upgrade

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About the upgrade

Progress on the redevelopment

March 2018 - Council has approved a $5.65m contribution towards the project through the draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, subject to public consultation.
Council agreed that a charitable trust is to be set up to assist with fundraising for the external funding component of the Olympic Pool Complex Redevelopment. An internal funding specialist continues to work alongside the project team to draft a Revenue Generation Scheme

Background to the proposed upgrade

The Olympic Pool is a popular facility built in 1974.

It was originally designed as an outdoor facility used during the summer season and shut over winter. Three pools were originally constructed, with the hydro-slide, barbecue areas and hydrotherapy pool added. The tent-like cover was constructed in 1995. The pool infrastructure has been upgraded over the years including a filtration upgrade in 2015.

A business case to assess options for redeveloping the Olympic Pool complex was completed in March 2017. It proposed that $14-$17 million is invested to undertake major renewals and upgrades to the Olympic Pool complex over a 3-5 year period in the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan.

Consultation with the wider community will be done as part of the 2018-2018 Long Term Plan process.

Why an upgrade to the complex is needed

The facility is showing its age, a number of issues need to be resolved such as: 

• growing list of major maintenance issues - refurbishing the hydro-slide, resurfacing/re-tiling pools and refreshing 50m pool roof. 
• demand exists for services that the current complex does not provide such as a dedicated learn to swim area.
• configuration of the complex is not ideal. Key facilities such as the changing rooms are substandard and have poor quality access to the pool, especially over winter months.


Olympic Pool Business Case [PDF, 220 KB]

Appendix Olympic Pool Business Case [PDF, 10 MB]

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