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What we're doing

We continue to fix and replace our public stormwater and wastewater network of pipes that carry the water away from your property.  The public (council) pipes only make-up about 50% of the entire network. The other 50% are private drains and pipes owned by property owners. We need to find out the issues that are happening on private property - especially when it rains.

Sewer renewal programme for 2017/18

• Crawford Rd sewer relining 385m from Wainui Rd to Barton St including relining 26 property laterals - completed. This renewal is located in one of two DrainWise study areas that monitors the effectiveness of the DrainWise strategies.

• Esplanade sewer main renewal (240m) has commenced and supports the Inner Harbour project.

• Portside pump station rising main upgrade and diversion to Wainui pump station (350m). This project aims to reduce overflows at the Hirini/Wainui manhole to reduce wet weather overflows and reduce the risk of overflows from the Portside pump station. 

• Hirini Street sewer renewal (150m) to commence July supports the renewal programme and aligns with future Roading upgrade work in Hirini Street. 

• Wet weather delays, programme changes to reduce construction impacts on businesses in the Inner Harbour and contractor capacity will result in some projects not commencing until July.

Stormwater renewals and upgrades

• Rutene Road Stage 1 upgrade was deferred to year 1 of the Long Term Plan due to high tender pricing as a result of high risk due to weather.

• renewal of sections of stormwater mains in the proposed cycleway in Rutene Road will be completed by the end of the financial year 8 of the 12 locations have been completed. 

Design of next year’s capital programme has commenced to provide greater flexibility and construction time for contractors.

What we've done

Panapa and his family had suffered with their gully trap overflowing in wet weather. Their gully trap was overflowing because when it rained, stormwater got into the wastewater system and came out at the lowest point which was Panapa’s house. We've now replaced their non-return valve.


Flooding on this property in September 2015 shows how much stormwater can get through a gully trap when it's not sealed. 

The DrainWise team do property inspections to check for risks of rainwater getting into our wastewater system. This video shows downpipes to unsealed gully traps. All that's needed is 2 properties like this in a street to overwhelm our wastewater system.

Documents and information

DrainWise Wastewater Discharge Reduction Plan  [PDF, 1.6 MB]

You can find the related documents by entering the report title or reference number into the keyword field of our online meetings reports search

15/246 = Discharges Reduction Project - Progress Update July 2015

16-006 = Wastewater Discharges Reduction Workshop One - What is the Problem? January 2016

15/083 = Wastewater Discharges Project Update and Site Inspections - March 2015

15/486 = Wastewater Discharge Reduction Programme Update - December 2015

16-304 = Wastewater Discharge Reduction Plan - July 2016

16-253 = Wastewater Discharge Reduction Programme Strategy Update - June 2016

16-068 = Wastewater Discharge Reduction - Workshop 2 March 2016 

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