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About Tairawhiti Roads

Gisborne District Council and NZ Transport Agency want to improve the way roading services are managed and delivered across the Gisborne region.  So they have collaborated to create - Tairawhiti Roads - a shared business unit, which started in October 2015. It is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Tairawhiti Roads brings together the management of the state highway and local roads under one entity. It's delivering more effective and efficient maintenance, operations and renewal programmes with a one-network approach. This collaboration gets more out of resources, people and roading assets that span our remote and challenging network.

Network Outcome Contracts NOC 

Tairawhiti Roads is using the NZ Transport Agency's approach to contracting - Network Outcome Contracts (NOC).

This contract type is based on a primary supplier and it's performance based. Gisborne's NOCs are the first to be tailored to local road maintenance as they're usually only for state highways. 

These new contracts have not been without some initial issues - this is to be expected when pioneering new models and working innovatively. However, these are long term contracts that Council and NZ Transport Agency are invested in. We're certain of the benefits. More models similar to ours are being implemented nationally. 

The benefits of joining with the NZ Transport Agency

  • Joined-up thinking and planning
  • Better decision making
  • More alignment with national strategic drivers
  • Access to specialist expertise via NZ Transport Agency that will improve procurement, safety, and asset management
  • Co-ordinated resourcing
  • Cost savings that can be reinvested into land transport activities
  • Stronger funding alignment

Suppliers of the Network Outcome Contracts for road maintenance

Services South East (SSE) is the supplier for the northern maintenance contract.
Downer is the supplier for the western maintenance contract.

Contact Tairawhiti Roads

Contact customer service to report a roading issue or for enquiries.

The Tairawhiti Roads team

General Manager - leads the team to implement the Regional Land Transport Plan. 

Journey Manager - customer and media interface, lifelines and civil defence, overview of state highway and local roads. 

Contract Managers and Network Managers - oversees the network outcomes contract. Responsible for activities on the network, overseeing resource consents, planning the annual programme of works and resilience projects. 

Asset Manager - asset management plans, activity management plans, operational policies, valuations, long term financial forecasts and performance reporting.

Capital Manager - manages the delivery of roading capital works projects from the long term plan and national land transport programme. 

Roading Cadet - assists the capital manager, responsible for passenger transport.

Safety Educator - education role for all our road safety programmes. 

Administration Support - corridor access requests, financial processing. 

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