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Be prepared

We have resources to help you be prepared in the event of an emergency. Auckland Emergency Management has helpful online resources(external link):

We have planning guides and advice for:

Childcare  |  At home  |  At school  |  At work  |  Earthquake advice  |  Tsunami advice  |  Volcanic Ash Fall           

During an emergency you need to listen to the radio for instructions

We will broadcast over these stations during an emergency: 

  • 1314 AM Radio NZ
  • 101.3 FM Radio NZ
  • 945 kHz AM - Talkback ZB
  • 585 kHz AM - Radio Ngati Porou
  • 90.9 FM - ZGFM
  • 98.1 FM - Radio Ngati Porou
  • 98.9 FM - More FM
  • 94.8 FM - Radio Live
  • 91.7 FM - Turanga FM
  • 88.5 FM - Uawa

Only use the phone in emergencies. Also:

  • Look out for your neighbours and elderly folk.
  • Know how to turn off your power, water and gas.
  • Look at the last yellow page in the centre of your phone book for your community emergency centre.
  • Know what the threats are - and what they will do to you.
  • Don't go sightseeing.
  • Plan how you will survive without power, phone, food, water and the emergency services.
  • Know what you will take if you have to evacuate.
Do you know your neighbours, would you like too?

Get to know your neighbours, and make a plan to help one another Get Ready, Get Thru if or when there is an emergency.

Check out the links below for ideas:

Get Ready Get Thru(external link) this website will show you how to get ready so you'll get through the different disasters

Visit the website for Ministry of Civil Defence(external link)